Professor Li Kang Gave a Lecture on Frontier of RUC Research Institute of Future Rule of Law: the Protection of Privacy in Intelligent Era and the Security Responsibility of Manufacturers.
Prof. Asbjørn Strandbakken from University of Bergen Law School Gave a Lecture on the Jurist Forum of RUC Law School: Evidence Disclosure in Public Prosecution
Seminar on"Human Rights Law Curriculum System and Teaching Material Construction" was successfully held
The Seminar on Sinicization and New Development of Marxist Theory of Human Rights was Held Successfully
The Symposium on "Smart Judicature and Judicial Reform"
Prof. Gao Mingxuan, Prof. Wang Liming and Prof. Zhu Jingwen of our school were approved for the 2017 National Social Science Fund of China Academic Outreach Project
Professor Han Dayuan and Professor Feng Yujun of RUC Law School are Approved to Establish Major Projects of National Social Science Foundation
Ding Xiaodong: Algorithm and Discrimination ¨C Viewpoints on Ethics of Algorithm and Interpretation of Law Based on American Cases of Affirmative Action in Education [2018/1/25]
Gao Shengping: Responsibility of the Examination of Chattel Mortgage Registration [2018/1/19]
Wang Xu:Governance Logic and Basic Systems of the New¡°Food Safety Law of the People¡¯s Republic of China¡±: a Focus on Social Co-Governance [2018/1/19]
Feng Yujun: the Evaluation of Chinese Legal System and its Effect [2018/1/16]
New Development of Criminal Law in Mongolia[4th Jan]
Disclosure of Evidence by the Prosecution[16 Nov]
Czyzewski v. Jevic Holding Corp. £ºPriority and Process Values[27 Oct]
[Lecture]The Judicial Implementation of the Clean Water Act In USA[17 Oct]
Hu Tianlong: The Politics of the Drive Against Corruption [2016/12/13]
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